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“I Sing the Body,” is a survey of photographic works which explores iterations of photography’s fascination and dependence on the human form. The title inspired by Walt Whitman’s “I Sing the Body Electric,” was one of the first poems to comprise Whitman’s masterpiece “Leaves of Grass” and sets a complex and erotic tone for the exhibition. Like the title describes many of the works in the exhibition display the full human form. One of the most prominent examples of this is Carla van de Puttelaar’s full-body portraits of models laying down on their back. Cleveland-native Amber N. Ford’s “Down By The River,” 2017 is one of the stand-out works from the exhibition literally and figuratively.

Cleveland-native Amber N. Ford’s “Down By The River,” 2017 peers out over “I Sing the Body.”

Ford’s work looms largely in the left gallery at Transformer Station. Her model stands Whitman-esque in nature peering through tall green-grass making direct eye contact with the viewer at eye level. Paul Sepuya’s historically significant “Darkroom Mirror Study,” takes a less traditional view of the body, where the “camera body,” [a body electric itself] holds the show together with an abstract rationale that balances this exhibition between the body and mind.