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Club Glow is back for a New Years Eve bash at Villan in Williamsburg this Sunday night with a live performance by La’Fem LaDosha and Eartheater! You came to the Halloween bash with Peaches, now celebrate with the dolls for 2018! There are a lot of parties this weekend, but this is the only bash you know will be FAM.






Sadaf_Club_GlowAll images José Manuel Girona

Club Glow NYE Bash
$30 PreSale $40 Door
307 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, New York

This weekend, Topical Cream kicks off the series “Immaterial Nights,” taking inspiration from the Video Data Bank’s private screening rooms to showcase three women video artists’ work in a private hotel suite.

Each evening focuses on a single artist and spans their multi-year overture, a unique opportunity to see and understand their works in a more complete context.

Please join us this Sunday for a screening of Julika Rudelius’s work.
Rudelius is a German-born contemporary artist whose videos borrow a cinema verite style to examine power, identity, relationships, and social roles. This comfortable setting provides a chance to enjoy Rudelius’s internationally-renowned works #notfoundonyoutube #veryrare.

We’ll have a limited amount of champagne available; however, guests are welcome to byob as per needed #hydration.

Space is extremely limited, you must RSVP to receive suite number. RSVP

Topical Cream presents “Immaterial Nights”
January 10, 6-10 p.m.
Ace Hotel New York
20 W 29th Street, New York


January 17: Keren Cytter
January 24: Sara Hornbacher