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PLAYTIME COMPOSITION #001 : TRANSITIONS, PT. I, II, III & IV, 2018, centerfold image with score hidden underneath.

Chicago-based Dirty New Media artist, Shawné Michaelain Holloway exposes the complexities of her dual dominant and submissive BDSM identity with her in progress serial The Chamber Series. The project is set to include ten performative scores each paired with a partner publication titled The Companion. Stemming from her experiences during Puppy Play — a popular fetish in the BDSM community where its participants personify the instincts of a puppy — the series chronicles the power relationship between an unknown master, her dominant self, and a puppy, her submissive self. The Chamber Series’ first partner publication, THE COMPANION #001 : ACCOMPANIMENT-001_A-REALIZATION__THE-CHAMBER-SERIES-COMPANION.ZIP, a downloadable multimedia puzzle was released on Christmas Day 2017 through the Internet Archive’s HUMAN TRASH DUMP Channel. Two performative scores followed in January of 2018, first PLAYTIME COMPOSITION #001 : TRANSITIONS, PT. I, II, III & IV  which was published in UNBAG magazine’s issue focusing on endings, and the second PLAYTIME COMPOSITION I: BASIC FUNCTIONS, PT.(1) DOWN & (2) OUT  featured in Predicated. A Recollection at The Kitchen.

PLAYTIME COMPOSITION I: BASIC FUNCTIONS, PT.(1) DOWN & (2) OUT, 2018, carbonless copy paper.

The serial is meant to function as a kind of precious dialogue between the unknown master (Holloway) and the puppy (also Holloway), as an attempt for a deeper understanding. The master writes notated performative scores, to which the puppy playfully responds with digital files. Within The Chamber Series ecosystem, this dialogue becomes a kind of keepsake to which we are offered intermittent access. The release of the second issue of The Companion could be released at any moment.