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Artist and mistress of ceremonies Juliana Huxtable is back this weekend for another installment of Shock Value! The badly needed summer party is sure to be a community function like no other. With all the strange news out there best to take a break and come hang with the dolls. We need each other more than ever. Come party with the girls, but do come correct. No H8 or front door desperation. They do it for us, so keep it QT. See you there!


Shock Value
Friday, August 18th
1272 Broadway,
Brooklyn, NY 11221


Sigrid Lauren’s new choreographed solo production “nike, Dead Daddy Dog” opens tomorrow, the 9th of November at Wild Space, in New York’s Lower East Side. Choreographer, Sigrid Lauren is also a co-founder of the performance group FlucT. However, this performance which Laruen doesn’t appear, is rumored to be one of the most phyiscally extreme to date. Sigrid Lauren and FlucT’s work in general tends to air on the side of a more “political” genre of performance art; challenging body ideals, working with self-constructed props, and tittering on an extremely fine line between performance art and dance.

However, the tone of this exhibition is of a more personal nature; dealing with loss, bodily exertion, and
human and animal connection. A subject matter, might I add, which is very unique in the genre of contemporary performance art or visual arts for that matter. However, this type of subject matter is successfully executed in another time-based media,- film.”Nike, Dead Daddy Dog” includes 16 performers; as well as an original score.

Wild Space
195 E 3rd St,
New York, New York 10009