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“So What” is a group exhibition at Company Gallery, including G.B Jones, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Robert Bittenbender, Sadie Barnette, Theresa Chromati, Cajsa von Zeipel, DeSe Escobar, Victoria Colmegna, Will Sheldon, E. Jane, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, and Women’s History Museum. These works investigate the alchemic powers of adolescence and are hosted exclusively on Tumblr. The “So What,” Tumblr page features an essay by Kay Gabriel and a track by SHYBOI, also titled “So What.” Frieda Toranzo Jaeger’s work mixes the at first seemingly opposing hand-heavy work of oil painting and embroidery, in “There is a vacuum inside all of us.” Jaeger’s investigation of the erotic female body invites moments of acuity and casual wit. Theresa Chromati’s surrealist painting hints at sublime radical empiricism, “Stepping toward my darkest bits to hear a familiar song. The words have changed, but the melody caresses me all the same (woman lead by her intuition supported by scrotum flower.”Dese Escobar’s quadriptych “Eleganzia” is a classic still life on a marble dining table, with jewelry on an opal dinner plate, flanked by depression-era blush pink wine glasses.

Digital installation view

Sadie Barnette, </em>Untitled (Gold Macintosh), 2019, Gold metal flake on vintage Macintosh computer Monitor: 13.5 x 9.75 x 10.75 inches

Digital installation view

Theresa Chromati, Stepping toward my darkest bits to hear a familiar song. The words have changed but the melody caresses me all the same (woman lead by her intuition supported by scrotum flower) 2020, Acrylic and glitter on canvas 24h x 18w in 60.96h x 45.72w cm

DeSe Escobar Eleganzia, 2020, Inkjet print, canola oil, epoxy resin on vellum 17h x 14w in 43.18h x 35.56w cm Unique

Topical Cream was honored to celebrate the life and legacy of Gretchen Bender at Red Bull Arts.

Provisions were provided by Spiral Theory Test Kitchen, a self-described queer cooking collective helmed by artists Precious Okoyomon’s, Bobbi Salvör Menuez, Quori Theodor, MK, and Kaijja Xiao.
The gathering was to celebrate the video artists legacy IRL and to allow New York artists and writers who might not be familiar with her work the opportunity to be present in her space. Like the best underground dinner parties, the guest of honor was unannounced — Bart, Precious Okoyomon’s pet eel sat perched at the end of the table, slowly swimming back and forth as friends and family got to know each other better.

Guests sat next to Gretchen Bender’s “People in Pain,” 1988 a large installation composed of black vinyl and blue neon which features every movie title which was in production during a six month period between 1987-1988.

Spiral Theory Test Kitchen served dusted red snapper, and the guests ended the night with Loquat Panna Cotta with honey ants and orchid sugar served in a Red Bull can.

Dese Escobar and Natasha Stagg

Precious Okoyomon and Quori Theodor of Sprial Theory Test Kitchen.

Rachel Hahn and Colleen O’Connor

Lyndsy Welgos & Seashell Coker

The final event of the evening was a private screening of Bender’s massive installation “Total Recall.”

Please join Topical Cream to celebrate six years of advocacy of women and gender non-conforming individuals in contemporary art. Thank you to Ilegal Mezcal for providing the drinks. This event is free and open to the public.

Topical Cream 6th Anniversary Party
50 Bowery (rooftop)
New York, New York
Wednesday, May 1st
9 pm to 1 am

This Halloween the dolls are back in town and ready for revenge, so don’t pull any Trump costumes from the CVS discount shelf (they don’t call it Knockdown Center for nothing).

Shock Value, Glam, and Ragga all have distinct vibes but will converge, make a pact, and massacre their past personas to create a Frankenstein’s Bride of a mega party for Halloween 2018! The Shadow of the Cat is taking its cue from the slashers of the past, present, and future, so think of ya girl Lorena Bobbet, ya sister Asami Yamazaki in Audition, and don’t forget Crystal Johnson from Wives with Knives!

NYC’s relationship to nightlife can be a true horror story when you roll up to one of these “woke” nightclubs which are actually just run by racist, transphobic owners and staff who actually live in Williamsburg but are always reppin’ “Bushwick Nightlife 4 Ever.” But nightlife is where many of us go to find our people, it’s church, but this year there’s no time to show off to your mom and grandmaw by coming down the aisle to get some shine for saying “I’ve been saved.” If you wanna feel safe and sound head to Happy Fun Hideaway cuz this party is going to be psycho and no one can save you now, not even La Chat!

Doll Gang Massacre
Saturday, October 27, 2018
Knockdown Center
2-19 Flushing Ave
Maspeth, NY 11378
Tickets Here

Club Glow is back for a New Years Eve bash at Villan in Williamsburg this Sunday night with a live performance by La’Fem LaDosha and Eartheater! You came to the Halloween bash with Peaches, now celebrate with the dolls for 2018! There are a lot of parties this weekend, but this is the only bash you know will be FAM.






Sadaf_Club_GlowAll images José Manuel Girona

Club Glow NYE Bash
$30 PreSale $40 Door
307 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, New York

Please join Topical this Saturday for a very special edition of Club Glow with Peaches!

“The moon is full, the night is black, and the witches in Bushwick have got your back.The femmes are in full force.. they’ve conjured a spell, the consequences of which no one can tell. All witches are equal there isn’t a head, but if there were the name PEACHES might be said! Please come in a full look, not just a mask or cape otherwise your picture for our Instagram we won’t take.” -Nightlife Expert




Doll Gang Massacre
Saturday, October 28
Knockdown Center
$25 Presale $30 @Door
52-19 Flushing Ave,
Maspeth, NY 11378
Images of Club Glow courtesey of Jose Girona.

Open now until September 16, “Prick up your Ears” is a multi-media enterprise exploring the “ontology of fake” through self-examination of the artists’ own role in the culture industry. Curated by Taylor Trabulus, the exhibition is not so much an inter-communicative presentation of artists working in different mediums as much as it is a pronouncement of their individualities, pasted over the art world’s marriage to the economy and identity. As a deliberate act of incohesion, “Prick up your Ears” appropriately introduces LA to many New York-based artists, and establishes their works as unique in relation to one another, but sharing in the common understanding of the culture-capital pipeline.




“Prick Up Your Ears”
Curated by Taylor Trabulus
4619 W Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016