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Join us in celebrating the closing of our second annual benefit auction, powered by Artsy, with an evening of music and performance at the Top of the Standard. Thanks to Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Angela Dimaguya, and Ashley Santoro, guests can enjoy our signature cocktail called “the 30%” drawing attention to the fact that only 30% of artists with gallery representation are women or gnc.


Stewart Uoo presents his first exhibition with Galerie Buchhloz.The exhibition features steel window grill sculptures dressed with special effects makeup that resemble throbbing flesh.The exhibition also includes pictures that have been shot by Heji Shin, an artist who is also known for her editorial photography.

Stewart Uoo
Galerie Bucholz
“No Tears in Rain”
March 21th 2014 – April 23th 2014
Opening reception on
Friday, March 21th 2014
7 – 9 pm