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315 Gallery invited artist Cecilia Salama to curate the little baby show, a group exhibition exploring “contemporary motherhood in regards to possession, religion, domination, and cuteness.” The objects and wall works in the space mimic a child’s nursery. Pastels are an obvious yet potent color scheme throughout the show introducing a proverbial playfulness.

Tea Party (Make A Deathwish), Brian Kokoska, 2018: wood, acrylic, plastic, metal, vintage teddy bear, glass, clay.

The press release is a poem by Isadora Reisner titled “august 1939.” The poem begins with a sing-song sweetness with the speaker claiming that though they are not the mother of the baby, they will continue to dote and care. A growing sense of uneasiness emerges, however, raising themes of possession and co-dependence. This complexity parallels that of the show’s baby theme and activist aims — a portion of sales go to the Trust Women Foundation a pro-choice clinic in Wichita, Kansas.

Installation view of the little baby show at 315 Gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

The show features works by Jillian Mayer, Rachel Rossin, Flannery Silva, Cristine Brache, Loney Abrams + Johnny Stanish, Brian Kokoska, Heather Leigh McPherson, Marlene Frontera, and Aria McManus + Raine Trainor.

Climbing a Tree, Jillian Mayer, 2014: wood branch, four-color digital print on silk.

The works in the little baby show each have their own take on reproduction and together deliver a fantastical and coherent show with the ability to relate to everyone because, well, everyone at one point was a little baby.

December Dancerella, Flannery Silva, 2018: vinyl mat, PVC pipe.

Painting of a collage my mother made (she cut Michelle Pfeiffer’s face out so she can be Catwoman), Cristine Brache 2018: oil on canvas.

Slap Control, Aria Mcmanus + Raine Trainor, 2016: UV printed on aluminum, plastic, and birth control pills, Plexi case, accompanying promotional video shown on iPad.

the little baby show
June 1 to July 1, 2018
315 Gallery
312 Livingston Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11217