Edible Arrangements

Topical Cream invites you to a ganja gathering to celebrate the women blazing through Cannabis’ newfound versatility.


In the pre-feminist culture of the fifties, it was socialite-turned-saleswoman Brownie Wise who seized the boring business model of the male-dominated Tupperware industry and turned it into a literal party for women.

While we’re not confined to the home like in Brownie’s day, we do have the choice to work from the home. Modern women maneuver the social and business landscape in different iterations, always innovative and never boring— the weed world not excluded.

But working in that field, whose dank smell can’t be masked by the locker room stench that pervades it, isn’t easy, so women are seizing the growing weed market to meet their own demands, developing remedies for arthritis pain, viral meningitis, menstrual cramps, and fibromyalgia.

Golden coast-based collectives like Synchronicity Sisters and Supernova Women are vying for non-males to partake in the current semi-regulated market— the former org following Wise’s party plan to offer erotic tinctures, gluten-free granola, and topical creams which provide body highs that satisfy women’s particular corporeal needs, all in an effort to break the industry’s “green ceiling.”










Photograghy: Lyndsy Welgos
Nodels: Ally Marzella, Amara Desta Korley, Erin Grant, Iyana Shelby
Stylist: Lester Garcia
Designers: Telfar, SOFTWARE by Topical Cream
Art Director: Arshy Azizi
MUA: Adriana Andaluz
Special Thanks: MakeUp ForEver,Viseart