Topical Cream X Artsy Auction 2018

By Whitney Mallett

Topical Cream’s 2018 auction with Artsy is now live and bidding is open until Wednesday, September 19. This is our second annual benefit auction, and with our advertising-free model, this fundraiser is the principal way we fund our non-profit’s digital publishing and public programming initiatives. Bidding on works or sharing the link helps us continue our mission supporting women, femme, and gnc individuals in contemporary art. It’s also a way to support the artists who’ve donated work.

Historically straight white cis male artists have been overrepresented in the media and in the market. Both are changing, but arguably the former is outpacing the latter. At least anecdotally, we’ve witnessed artists, the content of whose work is unapologetically about gender, race, and/or queerness, written about in major publications and supported by major institutions, their work’s cultural relevance validated time and time again, but then the same artists sometimes find less commercial demand for their work than their peers. It’s important that when we think about supporting artists, we think not only of visibility, but also of holistically supporting their careers (while they are still alive!), which includes buying their work.

We want to use the term “interventionist patronage” to talk about art collectors who have used their capital to intervene in the status quo. Collectors like Barbara Lee and Valeria Napoleone continue to make conscious efforts to support the works of women artists, while for Ingvild Goetz, it’s been an indirect consequence of buying the works that speak to her most strongly. Baroness Marion Lambert compiled one of the greatest collections of contemporary photography supporting artists like Nan Goldin and Louise Lawler while also supporting the medium of photography before it was taken seriously by many in the art world. Peggy Cooper Cafritz advocated for Black artists through her collection and beyond while Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman were pioneering champions of gay and lesbian art and artists. Today, online auction models like Artsy’s are expanding opportunities to support the arts via collecting to those outside major urban centers.

Untitled (Taken by the loa with a knife in her hand, she cut the throat of a pig and they all swore to kill all the whites on the island) by Christopher Udemezue.

We’re excited to share with you our second annual benefit auction and we urge you to support the art, artists, and art organizations you care about whether it’s bidding on a work today, sharing the link with someone who might want to, or furthering the conversation on how new models of patronage can work in the 21st century.

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