Ivania Carpio

Margiela, meaning, minimalism Interview by Suzanne van Heerde


Topical Cream: In art practice and theory the white walls of the gallery mean something.. They were used by artists to block out all the noise and distraction and create a clear distinction between art and ornamentation… Do you feel like an aesthetic practice helps you keep meaning in your everyday life?

Ivania Carpio: Yes certainly, it helps you focus so much and you immediately notice if there is something unnecessary or distracting that needs to be removed. But also because white has so little connotation compared to other colors for me.

Recently, you were the only blogger invited to Paris to be hosted by Maison Martin Margiela. I was thinking about how you’ve applied similar aesthetics. Do you get the impression that Martin Margiela lives his life more by principle, not really just fashion? Did this make you understand in a deeper way, how your aesthetics coincide with theirs?

Martin Margiela has been a huge influence for me personally, exactly because it is always about more than just fashion. It was a very humbling, inspiring, fantastic experience to be there. But at the same time very ironic and disappointing because the unattainable dream of visiting their head quarters became a reality.

Have you ever had an interest to curate any art shows in the Netherlands? If so is who would be at the top of your list?


The 15 year old talented curators on Tumblr! I think it would be interesting to make an actual physical world of what Tumblr is with all its sub-sub-sub cultures. It are all little universes made up of images of random objects curated together carefully by kids all over the world, some tumblr pages become actual digital spaces. It would be cool to let them fill an actual room instead of an internet space (and give them a ridiculously high budget for it of course).

Based on the way that you and Romeo met by chance when you were at the young age of 15, it seems to be the the best thing that could have happened to both of you as he brings another physical layer to your aesthetics. I’ve noticed recently that he has a greater presence in your outlets. Was this a natural progression?


Ah, yes we’ve been together for 10 years! Romeo is extremely talented but also quite introvert when it comes to his work, he likes to keep things to himself. He never participated on anything on the internet, I was never allowed to mention his name anywhere, he took a lot of pride that nothing popped up when you would google “Romeo Pokomasse” (sorry darling). We’ve been working a lot together lately, and though now and then we argue about a lot of other things, we always agree when it comes to work.

The internet is a strange world, where people can create a life that they want you to see. I know for a fact that what you show, is really your reality. This reality appropriation and teaching is a big part of what you do. But, is there a clear line between what you give people and what they take?


Sometimes, when too much is taken it almost feels like an attack on my identity. That’s why I’ve been developing a bit of a love/hate relationship with the internet. Just like Romeo, I want to guard my ideas as if it were secrets. Which is a new feeling for me, I used to be the opposite and wanted to share it with everyone.

People always ask you why you wear white. But what we really want to know is… how you keep it that way. So what is your favorite stain remover?

My scissors.

Photography: Romeo Pokomasse