Melissa Burns interviews DJ EDMily about 2014, The Will to Power,
her new gig at Hood By Air and visualizing your future through Instagram.


Melissa Burns: Are you ready? Are you sitting comfortably?

DJ EDMily: Actually, I’m walking around the office. I figured I’d walk and talk.

You ready to start?

I’m going to start with three quick questions, and we’ll go from there, all right?


Hey Emily, it’s Melissa…

Hi, Melissa!

Hi! You’ve had a busy 2013, what is the highlight of your year so far?

Learning to DJ and playing shows but, also partying in arenas and being a music journalist now too.

Look at you! You’re a woman of all seasons.

That’s for sure.

If you could take any song that’s hot right now, and work your Emily magic, and turn it into a big club hit, what would it be?

Definitely, Katy Perry’s “Roar”


Who is your biggest club inspiration?

I think Tiësto.

What about him?

He’s been a big influence on me obviously. He has his own #clublife website, #clublife T‑shirts, he plays all these clubs all the time. I just met him recently.

You met your biggest inspiration? What was that like?

Yeah, it was crazy, because I’ve always had this dream of meeting him, and I could picture what the photo would look like on Instagram.

I was supposed to interview him at Tomorrow World, but he was too busy, so he canceled the interview, and I was really upset. But, we just had a / Hood By Air Party, and Tiësto was invited. I was like, “Can you take a picture with me?” His friend’s like, “Come on, come on!” He’s like, “No, I have to take this picture.” I melted.

You’re now an inspiration to us all, Emily.

I know, thank you.

Thank you, Emily.

I think that you’ll meet again. Now that Pandora’s Box is open, you guys will meet again. You’ll meet regularly.

I know!


You’ll get sick of him. You’ll be like, “Oh, you again.”

I knew it was going to happen. I was thinking about him like, “Oh, this could happen.”

I think you should write some sort of will to power book.

I use “The Power,” which is the sequel to “The Secret.”

Oh, my God!

Amazing. I love that you visualized it on Instagram, and made it happen.

I know.

Alright, that was a tearjerker, I’m really happy for you. You recently, I heard, you started to full‑time design job for Hood By Air. How was your first month?

I’ve been designing for them for a while but after work. That was getting too crazy, and I started DJing. I was like, “Wait! I can’t do both!” After the spring SS14 show that went so well, they were like, “Oh, we need you full‑time.” I had to quit my job at Jordan and come here full‑time, which is awesome. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun.

You also started to design clothes with your sister Ruth, how did that come about?

We’ve always been playing around, I help her get dressed, she helps me gets dressed. It started when she needed to go to big events or something, she was like, “Will you help me make something?” She would have an idea. Then I would have an idea. It started from there.

What’s your line called?


We don’t really have a name yet.

I vote for Melissa Burns Couture, I think that’s a lovely name. I think that would be interesting. I’m kidding.

What initially inspired you to want to get behind the DJ Booth?

It was when I went to weird frat party and I was like what is this weird music you guys are listening to and this total bro guys was like oh it’s I was like this is what Frat guys listen to? I started getting really in to that culture. Then I started going to Webster Hall to Foam Parties then I went to Madison Square Garden to the State of Trance party. I just looked at the DJ and how happy he was I thought wait.. I have a DJ mentality. I can get a crowd going and have a good time.

I asked Aaron if he would teach me the music stuff and at first he said, “No,” and I was like, “Rude!” He came back from touring, and he goes, “I was thinking about it. You’re right. You do need to be a DJ. You’re good at it.” Then he taught me how to do it.

MB: That’s a great story. Did you picture yourself on Instagram DJing? Was that part of it?

I was like, “You’re going to look really cute up there.”

That little share button. I will be sharing and hash tagging, that little square visualized in that grid. Make it a reality. I love it. Call it magical thinking. You’re like an Instagram Aleister Crowley or something.

What’s your process when you start a mix?

I’m very extreme. I pay attention to the lyrics on songs. I like to start off with a song about a break‑up or something. I think I pay attention to lyrics more than most people making a mix. I think “This song doesn’t make sense right after that song. The song before this was about a break‑up, and this one’s about being really happy.”

It’s got to be like a story. I’ve got to have a great intro, and then it’s got to have a great ending. I get something for the intro and the ending, and then figure out the in between. It’s all just about partying.

I always like that.. a narrative while you’re partying! This is good!

Who is your celebrity crush?

I Love Justin Bieber. I always will. I also like…

Justin Bieber.


He’s number one? Do you have another one?.

I think you should have answered once again, Melissa Burns, let me know if you…

Right? I mean Melissa Burns!

Yes, let’s stick with our theme, OK?

Yes, that is a good theme.

Lovely Emily, lovely Emily, said Justin Bieber. That’s a good choice. He’s a good kid. You’re going to be really cute together. Oh, should I ask?

How was it meeting Paris Hilton for the first time?

I went to the V Magazine Fashion Week Party, Actually, it was crazy. Oh my God, this is visualization.

Did you visualize it on Instagram and make it happen?

Yeah, I did do that but….

You’re so modern. You’re like a modern Wiccan. You’re like the Stevie Nicks of Instagram. You’re a witchy woman.

I listened to her mix the day before, and I was like, “God! This mix is so good!” Then I was like, she is actually really doing it it’s really good. I was like, “I always wanted to DJ with Paris Hilton.” It was like two days later, I saw her at that party. I went up to her and was like, “Hey, I just listened to your mix, and it was awesome.” She’s like, “Thank you.”

The baby voice or the big girl voice?

I know. I called her out on those, I said, “You know those songs you wrote were really cool,” and I picked out specific ones, so she knows I actually listened. She says, “Isn’t DJing amazing?” I was like, “Yeah.” She’s like, “It’s the best feeling in the world.” It was a moment.

Can I do the rest of the interview in baby voice? Is that weird?


You’ll know I’m in love with you…

Hi. Emily [baby voice]

Where did you get this inspiration from, realizing visualization?

From “The Power”! “The Power,” the sequel…

“The Power”!


I like that! Lead us! Will to power, What’s next for you in 2014?

This is crazy, I got to go to all these festivals and start interviewing all these DJs. I was missing a couple of my big ones, Then I was only missing one. It was Armin Van Buuren, who was the reason I started DJing. I got invited to go to a meet and greet with Armin Van Buuren that was a cocktail party.

Oh, my God, that’s so cute.

I know.

That’s awesome!

You’re like a big game hunter. You should mount your Instagram photos like a lion head in your den.

I’ve got to get them all. All my favorites DJs.

It’s like a Pokemon plus a big game hunter. Emily. Yeah, you should, get a little plaque, got to get them all. I’m so down with this. Thank you for the interview I’m going to start visualizing on Instagram immediately.


Styling: EDMily
Photography: Lyndsy Welgos
Assistant: Zak Syroka
Make Up Artist: Cassidy Diamond Luxury