Drip Dry: Topical Color Blocking for Summer

Spray it, don’t say it: let your tan lines do the talking. Far from implying tanorexia, alternative tan lines demonstrate to the inquisitive an athletic, on-the-go lifestyle. Flaunt your sports bra-shaped pale areas by the pool and let them know you’ve biked the world over. Stencil a flirty IM come-hither near your bikini brief and soon you’ll have an arm party of arm candy. You can expedite your glow by opting for the lowest SPF sunscreen available, or add immediate luster by misting yourself with Topical Cream-recommended Sexy Hair Sex Symbol Aerotan instant temporary tanning spray. Don’t forget the cycling shorts and skin-tight dancehall halters needed to execute your alt-tan. You’ll be legally baked in no time.

Ignore the style pundits whose expertise reside in the stifling, narrow arena of couture and ready-to-wear apparel. Color blocking is in this season.








Photography: Lyndsy Welgos
Photography Assistant: Danielle Mathias
Stylist: Anthony Thornton
Make-Up and Hair: Antonio Blair
Editorial Assistant: Mark Pieterson
Models: Vlada (Silent), Collette (Adam), Mishka (Adam), Peter (Red), Erin (#nodel)
Special Thanks: David Riley

Colette: St. Tropez Dark, Old Navy
Mishka: St. Tropez, Old Navy, Gisele Stephanie
Peter, Vlada: L’Oreal Sublime, faux/Real, Just Cavalli, Raf Simons, Old Navy
Mishka, Erin, Colette: St. Tropez, Old Navy, Gisele Stephanie, FAUX/real, G-Unit, Joe Fresh, Calvin Klein, MUJI