Blomë NYC

Words by Suzanne Van Heerde

Girls licking the drips of ice cream along their wrists, eyes closed with an all too familiar smile, grainy pictures of naked busty women grace the threads of the t-shirts that they wear. T-shirts named after the bodies that modeled in them. Maria currently works at a trend forecasting company in NYC. Alongside she is letting the world make the acquaintance of her alter ego: Blomë.


The modern day society seems to be one of confusing sorts. Terminology has lost its original context and only comes to existence when put in a specifically formulated sentence. The discussion on Post-feminism is one of those terms in question. As Wikipedia states: “Post-feminism is a reaction against some perceived contradictions and absences of second-wave feminism. The term post-feminism is ill defined and is used in inconsistent ways. However, it generally connotes the belief that feminism has succeeded in its goal of ameliorating sexism, making it fundamentally opposed to the third-wave intention of broadening feminist struggles.” Today we tend to (more often than not) assume that a feminist is a woman who most likely turns away from all things that women do for the approval of men. However, there seems to be a new type of feminist arising. One that feeds of pop culture and get’s her way with it.




Heather SHIRT, 2014

Women that indulge in feminine rituals make Maria’s clock tick. Having been born in Ecuador and moving to Miami shortly after was a big part of her coming of age in terms of her femininity. Growing up she struggled with the given insecurities that come with however; the solutions that she applied differed from those of her peers. Bushy eyebrows? Here’s a tweezer. Trying to hide your body? Change and show it off. Feeling insecure? Sit up straight, shoulders back. Starting to gain weight? Take up spinning. Tough Latin American love is what made her today. The hyper-feminine exterior went alongside a tougher and far from dainty interior that she kept in balance by never falling for the damsel in distress role. And that cultural difference made a huge difference.


feminine ritual

Being a woman, she started to understand the type of power that women over others. Distracting them, catching their eye, getting anything and everything that the heart desires. It’s that type of power that particular approval inducing rituals can come forth from. The women from the magazines, the women she admired. The ones that oozed self-confidence were the ones that sparked her vision. Her obsession was visualized through a blog that she maintained a few years ago during her days at school. It was where she manifested her icons, cute girly stuff and overall a new age girl power.


Once her message and accompanying aesthetic had outgrown a 2D platform, she felt the need to turn it into a lifestyle. Inspired by her vision and without any formal design IT program training, Blomë came to life. Not wanting to limit herself to a certain demographic, the one size fits all T-shirt capsule collection portraying digital collage came to life. The first collection is heavily inspired by a vast collection of vintage erotic magazines. Naked woman grace the fabric and the Blomë logo emblazoned on the lower half, lingering like a tease. Each t-shirt is represented by a different type of girl. Portraying these girls is more about their sexuality and comfort within that aspect as opposed to the diversity between the two. The zines that star each girl, narrate an entertaining and fun loving take on vintage adult magazines, illustrating the Blomë babes in compromising positions. All from the feminine fantasy perspective. Within this vision Blomë operates and hopes to inspire every girl to be as confident as she wants to be. Highlighting her assets and not being afraid to show her sexual side. And as Blomë would say: “I love you, you are gorgeous, join the club.”


Maria with dumplings in Sara D Roosevelt Park

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Model: India Menuez
E-Commerce: Emiliano Granado Studios
Model Shots: Kathy Lo
Layout: Julia Kim