Ann Hirsch

Talks Jason Biddies with Ana Cecilia Alvarez


Performance artist Ann Hirsch channels Jason Biddies your heteronormative Brooklyn friend.

Ana Alvarez: You have made some YouTube videos sharing moments of your life. We have seen Jason cleaning the toilet. Why have you shared these moments? Who is Jason?

Jason Biddies: Jason is me, man. Just a regular dude living in Brooklyn, trying to get by, have a nice life, meet some ladies, hang out with my bros, smoke some weed, doing my thing.

I make videos of my life because WHY NOT? Why the hell not you know? I’m proud of who I am and I want everyone to know it. And a lot of guys I know can’t clean a fucking toilet. And that is disgusting. But they NEED to know because the ladies will come over to hang, chill or get freaky and they will get turned off by that toilet. So I’m trying to help my bros. Just let them know, it’s simple, man, you can do it. You don’t need your mom to do it. That’s what I’ve been learning every day. It’s about coming of age as a MAN.


How do you relate to your masculinity? Would you call yourself a “tough guy”?

Am I a tough guy? I wish. I’m just a regular bro. Sometimes I act tough but you know it can be an act. I have to be realistic cause you know I’m kind of small. So I have to act a lot with my words. But I try to be strong, protect the ladies I’m with, bro down with my bros, be chill. No room for pussies in my world, just no room. Always be confident. But I know my limits too and I don’t go out there TRYING to fight people because I might get beat up. I’m scrappy though. So if I had to fight someone I would. But I’m not into fighting really anyways. I’m more of a lover. Love my friends, family, haha and some girls.

Have you considered exploring performance art? Do you see yourself as a performer?

I live in South Brooklyn and there’s so many artsy kids here I can’t escape them. And I used to be so annoyed by them but one night I went to this thing a friend of me invited me to. She was doing “performance art” at this bar and people were gonna get naked and there were going to be half priced drinks so I was like fuck yea naked chicks and drinks so I went. And you know, it really inspired me. It was like all these people just doing crazy shit and taking chances and not giving a fuck.

I have demons, we all wrestle with demons. So I was at that bar chatting with the girl who organized it because she got naked and she looked pretty cute and then she invited me to do it too. And I was like Lady, I’m not getting naked though! Haha, the world is not ready for that! She said I could do whatever I wanted so yea the next week I came back and tried it out, got out some of my aggression, some of my feelings and overall it was pretty awesome. I’d do it again sometime but you know I’m not like a professional like some of these people. Like some of these people are really crazy and do the most fucked up shit but I just try to keep it simple so yea maybe again I’ll do it in the future.


Tell us about the people in your life. Do you have a special someone? Whats your relationship with your family?

Girls…I love girls. All different kind of girls. But I will be honest with you. I am a sensitive guy. I like hooking up with girls and everything, lots of different cute ones but also there is the part of me that just wants to have that chill chick who will watch Simpsons with me on a Saturday night. So I have been seeing this awesome chick, Emily. She’s so small and super cute and has a big ass and I love that. But she’s also the awesomest chick ever and can just chill, hang out. But you know, I don’t like to put labels on things so right now it’s just whatever and we’ll just see what happens.

For example, not ready for her to meet my family. That’s a big step. And I love my family, we’re really tight. I have two sisters and a brother and 30 cousins and we all hang out whenever I get back to Allentown. It’s a party all the time, they’re cool people.

You mention enjoying a toke or two from time to time. Tell us about your favorite “high moments.” Did you ever have any revelations while smoking weed?

For me, smoking the ganja weed has little to do with going deep. It’s all about staying chill. I’m an anxious dude so I use it just to keep me level. Keep my head on right instead of tweaking out. The world is hard, man. Really hard. Gotta stay chill.


Coming of age as a man, like you mention, can be troubling and disorienting, say with all pressures young men receive to be sexually aggressive, professionally dominant, and economically successful in order to “measure up.” What advice can you give to your fellow male peers who are coming into their own?

Man, you know I wish I could say “Follow your dreams” but I don’t know what the hell my dreams are. My dudes, they don’t have dreams. How can you follow your dreams when you don’t have any? I just want to be happy and shit but in the long term, I don’t know how I’m going to do that. Is that the ol’ family and kids shit? Maybe. I can’t even think of that stuff right now, seems out of my universe. Find a job you’re passionate about. I hate work. I just want to chill with my bros. I don’t want life to be hard. I have some figuring out to do. All I can do is hope I am led down a happy path. But I don’t know where that path is. Money? A regular life? Is that what I want? What is the alternative for a bro like me? Live in the woods? Be a hippy? I don’t fucking know.

What are Jason Biddie’s dreams made of? What keeps you up at night? Besides the ladies, of course.

Which leads me to say, my dream is to find my dream. My dream is to find out who I am, what I love, what makes me happy. If that’s money then fuckin I got to make money. If it’s smoking pot then yea I’ll keep doing that for as long as I can. If it’s contributing to society in some productive way…then yea I’ll do that. I’m young, I have time.

Photography: Lyndsy Welgos