Recently national fast food chain, Freshness Burger introduced an innovative solution to eating limitations prescribed by the cultural trend of “Ochobo” meaning small and modest mouth.
With the “Liberation Wrapper,” Japanese women can freely scarf down the company’s largest and messiest burger on the menu, the “Classic Burger” while maintaining a neat and poised composure.


Freshness Burger cleverly employed methods of illusion in their burger wrapper design, by placing the face of a closed mouth woman on the diamond shaped holder just big enough to cover the offending burger eater’s guzzling chomp. Freshness Burger included a commercial video in their promotion of the “Liberation Wrapper” citing that it was to “free women from the spell of ‘Ochobo’”. According to the company, sales of the “Classic Burger” have increased 213% since the introduction of this new campaign, however, it should be noted that while this may have been a lucrative move for Freshness Burger, it has done little in the way of true liberation.