Susan Cianciolo will be leading a fanzine workshop at the Swiss Insitute this Tuesday. Workshop participants will be educated about Cianciolo’s self-published books and zines, not to mention create zines themselves using materials provided by S.I.

Susan Cianciolo is a fashion designer, installation artist, and filmmaker. During the last twenty years, the scope of her work has included fashion, art, craft, and performance. Her RUN collections produced from 1995 to 2001 were commercially successful and critically acclaimed. Cianciolo’s works are featured in museums and galleries across the world. Most recently she has exhibited with Yale Union, Bridget Donahue, and MoMA PS1.

Fanzine Workshop with Susan Cianciolo
Tuesday, August 23rd
Swiss Institute
102 Franklin Street
New York, New York 10013

RSVP with subject line “Susan Cianciolo Fanzine Workshop” to rsvp@swissinstitute.net

“What time is it?” probed Rasheedah Phillips, one half of the Philadelphia-based collective Black Quantum Futurism, who together with collaborator Camae Defstar, delivered a charged performance interrogating the political nature of temporal consciousness at Artists Space on July 14. Comparing the Western linear time construct with the general indigenous African time consciousness, Black Quantum Futurism’s performance traced the roots of white Southern slave masters using time as a form of social control, unraveling the ways time continues to confine us, especially those on the edges, margins, and intersections of society, in an effort to imagine new possibilities. “Out of the dust of the crumbling institutions of science,” Phillips proclaimed, “comes […] Black Quantum Futurism, a new science for a new world of our own making.”

Video shot by Ursula Mann and edited by Jason Hirata.

Black Quantum Futurism performed during an evening curated by Topical Cream, along with Bronx-based rapper Quay Dash, Middle Eastern songstress LAFAWNDAH in collaboration with writer Amy Zimmer, experimental noise duo MSHR, and a soundscape by post-trance producer DOSS. See full documentation of all the performances hosted by Artists Space and check out photos below by Walter Wlodarczyk.


walter-wlodarczyk-2016-07-14-0246Quay Dash
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walter-wlodarczyk-2016-07-14-0404 (1)

walter-wlodarczyk-2016-07-14-0398LAFAWNDAH with Amy Zimmer



walter-wlodarczyk-2016-07-14-0688MSHR (Brenna Murhpy and Birch Cooper)

More photos of the performances by Luis Nieto Dickens at nosleep.co


Topical Cream presents a critical dosage of live performances by Black Quantum Futurism, Quay Dash, MSHR and LAFAWNDAH, set to a soundscape by DOSS.

Arshy Azizi
Avena Gallagher
Seashell Coker
Lisa Cooley
M/L Artspace
Rózsa Farkas
Safety Corp
Tauba Auerbach
Whitney Mallett

Topical Cream Presents
Artists Space
55 Walker St.
$5 Suggested Donation
Thursday, July 14,2016

100% of proceeds will go to The Center, Orlando’s principal LGBTQ organization assisting victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting and their families with financial and emotional support.


Conveying the atmosphere of postmodern despair, the work of Beata Wilczek weaves together bleached out visions of runways, sweatshops, couture gowns, and lusciously blooming flowers. Her latest video “Everything Goes Even More Stays” involves a first-person commentary on the the ludicrous pace of commodified fashion and interrogates the responsibility of the average consumer, all the while dwelling on images of shopping online.

Screening: Everything Goes Even More Stays
Health Mate Cafe, London
Saturday, June 18th
6pm to 9pm

The clean lines and functional design of the LC4 chaise longue seem to be overlooked by Sativa Rose in Teenage Spermaholics 3. She’s busy working, a dick in each hand and one in her mouth, while the Le Corbusier recliner sits neglected behind her, mostly out of frame. There are countless video stills like this one in We Don’t Embroider Cushions Here, but the familiar leather and stainless-steel lounger isn’t always so ignored — it’s debased and degraded too in films like Squirt Machines, Liquid Diet, The Ass Watcher, and Ass Worship 3 and 4. With its catalogue of stills archiving the LC4 as porno prop, crediting only the female performers, the 212-page book aims to spotlight the woman behind the iconic piece of modern furniture, Charlotte Perriand (1903–99), as well as the women on top of, in front of, and chained to it.

It’s a provocative statement paralleling Perriand, Le Corbusier’s unpaid and uncredited assistant, with adult film actresses. The first image in the volume, and perhaps the only G-rated one, is a black-and-white photograph from 1929 of Perriand reclining on an LC4, her feet up and her face turned away from the camera, the line of her body and the chair together tracing an S, perfectly demonstrating the lounger’s ergonomic elegance. Two years before this picture was taken, a 23-year-old Perriand had come to Le Corbusier’s atelier wanting to work for him. The book’s prologue relays the story, which has now entered design lore, of how Le Corbusier summarily dismissed the young Perriand with a curt “We don’t embroider cushions here,” only to see her raved-about exhibit a few months later and then hire her. She went onto design the LC4 in his shadow soon after.

The book’s authors, who juxtapose Perriand’s gendered mistreatment with the disrespect of women performed for the camera in adult films, are mysteriously credited only as sibling artists Augustine and Josephine Rockebrune. These presumably pseudonymous names make reference to another famous example of Le Corbusier’s bare-faced (and bare-assed) chauvinism. In 1926−29, at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin on the French Riviera, Eileen Gray built the vacation villa E-1027 with her lover, Jean Badovici, a critic and friend of Le Corbusier’s. After Gray dumped Badovici, presumably to go back to dating women, a naked Corbu, jealous, so legend has it, of Gray’s exemplary Modernism, covered the house with voluptuous murals which Gray is said to have hated. The Rockebrune sisters, whoever they may be, are clearly out to prick the macho mores of this complicated monstre sacré of Modernism.

Article was originally featured in PIN-UP Magazine


“In Bed Together” at the Berlin Biennale is M/L Artspace’s 10th and only offering in a traditional gallery space to date. The installation, which is an artwork produced by the duo of Lena Henke and Marie Karlberg as opposed to a curated exhibition in a non-traditional space, is a chill out zone, slash Bedouin tent constructed from screen-printed pastel cotton sheets. The sheets double as bed coverings, as well as provide an architectural structure to the space. A flat screen TV sits at the foot of the bed, playing a home video of friends and family “In Bed Together” indulging in pre-social media awareness Bacchanalian revelry.

IMG_6977 copyIMG_7001IMG_7010


By Nightlife Expert


Dese is back in Manhattan with a new party full of GLAM, art, fashion, and red carpet shade.
TMZ has reported that the nightlife icon has gathered her squad togehter to add a bit of fem, red carpet tramp, get the look, lady saw, to the landscape of New York nightlife. If you don’t know the look for this event, you have 24 hours to get to Beacon’s Closet and hope the fashion Godesses has smiled on you. If only you’d waited in that 2.5 hour line for the Dove Street sample sale last weekend! Oh well, I’m sure you’ll work it out. Can’t wait to see your look, and your sweet smile at GLAM!
Topical Cream is honored to be one of the lucky hostesses of GLAM.

Saturday, May 28th
China Chalet
47 Broadway
New York, NY 10006

Music BY


Gender Talents is gearing up for it’s inaugural issue. This issue includes perspectives from Juliana Huxtable, Kim Drew and Andreas Angelidakis. Riley Hooker explains why the project is so urgent. “Gender Talents makes a complex and urgent subject accessible without dumbing it down. Supporting this campaign funds the mass production of Gender Talents and helps to proliferate a deeper understanding of gender in the 21st century. Knowledge is the only weapon we have against the adversity and violence that people outside of the gender majorities face on a daily basis. This reality only worsens when it’s compounded by sexuality and race. Slogans and buzzwords are an important part of activism, but can only serve as the gateway to rich political ideas that warrant further consideration from curious minds. Gender Talents exposes the process of three dynamic thinkers as they make their way through a constellation of self-determined gender. They offer vivid metaphors that have proven to be an effective learning tool, and make for a pleasurable and stimulating read for anyone interested in the subject.”

The emergence of science fiction as a legitimate theme in contemporary art has made a slow and curious emergence in the art world as of recent, and has done so without much critical debate. Historically, science fiction-themed art works would have automatically fallen under category of outsider art, fan fiction, or fantasy paintings. However, this is not the case anymore. In 2016, science fiction movies, books, and concepts are quoted in press releases without a hint of irony or suggestion of the subject’s more complicated past.

Please join us tonight.

Science Fiction in Contemporary Art: A Panel Discussion
Lisa Cooley
106 Norfolk Street
New York, New York 10002
Wednesday, May 11th
7pm to 8pm

Drinks @ Double Down Saloon


Renee Cafaro is no stranger to doing more than her share to help raise awareness for issues she feels passionate about. This summer Renee is putting the art into arthritis awareness and is serving as Chairwoman for the “NYC Walk to Cure Arthritis” as well as the “Cocktails for a Cure” silent auction. You don’t have to be a seasoned marathon runner to participate in these events; all you have to do is sign up and get your ass up and walk! Renee’s team is properly named The Joint Chiefs. What could be better? The walk happens May 14, 2016 for more information click here. The silent auction takes place on April 6th. The auction prizes (not that that’s why you would give a good cause) include many luxury items including a table at Rao’s!

Silent Auction for a Cure
April 6th 6:30pm-9:30pm
1 Central Pak South #615
New York, New York