Juliana Huxtable and Carolyn Lazard’s exhibition epigenetic at Shoot the Lobster in New York invites visitors through its soft purple lighting and erotic atmosphere. The press release utilizes the script from Carolyn Lazard’s Consensual Healing (2018) video featured in the show, and is partly inspired by Octavia Butler’s science fiction short story Bloodchild. Lazard said “[b]ig themes from the story make their way into the show– we [Huxtable and Lazard] were interested in exploring trauma, survival, and the weird and complicated decisions people make to survive.”

Transporting the viewer across alien temporalities and geographies with its transcendence of both gender and humanity, Juliana Huxtable’s Untitled (2018) nudes depict an animalized human with multiple genitalia and a tail. This sexualized depiction as a call to queer reproduction/futurity complicates and replicates questions of how anxieties around difference are formed.

epigenetic is on view until June 17. Carolyn Lazard is currently featured in Post Institutional Stress Disorder, a group exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus in Denmark, on view until January 6, 2019.


Juliana Huxtable, Untitled, 2018


Carolyn Lazard, I could remember the feelings without reviving them (i), 2018


“We were interested in the pull between desire and disgust, pleasure and pain, love and abuse, the messiness of those things and how they often come together.”–Carolyn Lazard


Carolyn Lazard, Consensual Healing, 2018, digital video



An excerpt from Carolyn Lazard’s Consensual Healing script/the epigenetic press release.