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The live action avatar of performance artist Becca Kauffman is the host of the monthly variety series, Jennifer Vanilla: Live at the Bar in Ridgewood. Together, the powered-by-Jennifer production entertains JV enthusiasts, curious first-timers, and neighborhood regulars as an audience to its improvisational score.

Past “Live at the Bar” guests have included Nancy Feast, Sam Regal, Sam Lisabeth, Allison Brainard, Sitcom, and Angelina Dreem.The fourth installment takes place this Tuesday and features the talents of Alaina Stamatis, Annie Bielski, and Poncili Creación. jv_liveatbar_II_happysad

Jennifer Vanilla: Live at the Bar
Tuesday, June 6
The Windjammer
552 Grandview Ave, Ridgewood, NY